Now available on Kindle from Amazon: “Revenge of the Plutocrats,” a New David Nathan Historical Thriller

REVENGE OF THE PLUTOCRATS is the fictionalized version of a very real but little known event: The outrageous, astonishing and nearly successful attempt by Rockefeller, Morgan, du Pont, Mellon and their banker and corporate friends to overthrow the government of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The incident occurred almost 75 years ago, but none one who reads it will miss the startling similarities to today’s America—an economic crisis, a Democratic President trying to save the nation, the determined attempts of bankers and right-wingers to thwart him, the rumbling of rebellion on the fringes, the accusations of Socialism, Communism and Fascism. It’s all happened before, and it’s as meaningful now as it was then.

REVENGE OF THE PLUTOCRATS is the story of how a crotchety retired Marine Corps General, a smart and daring young New York City Detective on his very first case, and a delightful young girl just out of college try to save the day, the President and the American Democracy. It is both humorous and serious, and an altogether astonishing look at how this nation came within a hair of turning Fascist.

In the process, it brings the New York City of 1934 to noisy, vibrant life, with scenes set in the Cotton Club, the Polo Grounds, the Stork Club, the Hippodrome and the Empire State Building, and bit players and actual characters such as Fiorello LaGuardia, George Gershwin, Damon Runyon, Gypsy Rose Lee and Walter Winchell. It also it recaptures the rich culture of its time, the music, the movies, the stage and the radio.


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