First Draft Complete: “Isaac Newton and Me,” an Adventure in Time Travel

One bright, sunny morning in 2010, a young Boston-based documentary filmmaker named Nick Farnham somehow slips right out of the 21st century and falls into the 17th, finding himself in Isaac Newton’s living room, face-to-face with the Great Master himself, both of them astounded beyond measure.

As the ultimate fish out of water, young Farnham accepts his fate as best he can. And he wins Newton’s confidence, by telling the Master about the next 300 years of human progress, if progress is the right word.

Along the way, Farnham encounters some of the era’s most remarkable men: Christopher Wren, Robert Hooke, Edmund Halley, John Locke and Samuel Pepys—and Newton’s beautiful niece, whose suitors include Voltaire and Jonathan Swift.

 And all the while, Farnham struggles to protect the time-line from the dangers of alchemy and accident, from the temporal anomalies and paradoxes that could turn his own era into an unrecognizable bizzaroworld.

            All this comes to us in a “found manuscript” —ISAAC NEWTON and ME—that has fallen into the hands of a prissy, self-important science history professor. He’s been asked to judge if the manuscript is simply a fantastical fabrication or something much, much stranger. But in the end, only you can decide.


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