Terri Gerritsen praises new Ardman book

“LION AT BAY brims with the historical details of a fascinating time. Harvey Ardman expertly combines fact and fiction in a bold and sprawling tale about war and heroism.”  – Tess Gerritsen, author of THE BONE GARDEN


“LION AT BAY” is a fictionalized retelling of a remarkable but almost forgotten historical incident: the breathtaking escape of Emperor Haile Selassie from Ethiopia, as Mussolini‘s highly mechanized army tore through his legions of barefoot, spear-carrying warriors.

Get it now at Amazon, on Kindle, for just $2.99 and time travel back to a real life time and place as fantastic and compelling as “Lord of the Rings.”



About Harvey Ardman

I’m the author of twenty published books¬ including two spy thrillers, a popular history, and a number of ghost-written biographies, self-help books and similar non-fiction. I’ve also written many TV documentaries for PBS, the Discovery Channel and , A & E. In addition, I've written pieces for Business Week, the Atlantic Monthly and Esquire. I have a MS in journalism from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and a BS in journalism from Northwestern University. My wife and I live in Maine.
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One Response to Terri Gerritsen praises new Ardman book

  1. BP says:

    Great stuff, Harvey..

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